Renting is not an innate skill!

RentSmart has helped thousands of renters find and maintain housing.

Welcome to RentSmart.

Welcome to researched,proven, impactful renting knowledge. At your fingertips! RentSmart is your guide.  You develop skills.  You step forward.  

RentSmart gives you strategies to get ahead in today’s rental market.  You understand what you really need and want in a home. What other costs to factor in.  Learn tricks and tips so you can live where you want to live.  Learn how to keep a good relationship with your landlord after you’ve found a place that rocks!  

What forward thinkers like you had to say about the course:


Are you a first time renter? Whether you are moving away from university or it is just time to get out of your parents’ house, it can be a tough transition. You will have to find a home that meets your needs while staying within your budget. RentSmart Certificate course has helped many young renters navigate the challenging market, find housing and keep it too.


Finding a place to live is one of your top concerns when you first move to Canada, unless you are staying with family or close friends. New place, new culture, the laws, it can all be overwhelming. RentSmart Certificate course is designed to build knowledge, confidence and key life skills that not only help with your search for a suitable rental home, but also go well beyond renting.


Are you worried that your kid(s) won’t be able to find a suitable, safe place? In addition, concerned about the time/cost it will take for traveling multiple times to help them find it.  RentSmart Certificate course can help make them more confident in solving things on their own and learn key life-skills that will help them in other important aspects of real life.