Our Partners

Ready to Rent BC

LifeLearners is a social enterprise of Ready to Rent, BC – a non-profit impact organization that opens doors through education. Ready to Rent’s theory of change is that education is transformative and, alongside supports, a key component in developing the knowledge, life skills and confidence in people at risk or experiencing homelessness to find and maintain stable housing. Ready to Rent supports people who may be vulnerable to housing instability and at risk of homelessness, including youth transitioning from care; single parents; women escaping violence; Aboriginals leaving reserves, people leaving corrections or longer-term hospital stays; refugees and newcomers to Canada, low-income seniors, among others. Ready to Rent has over 200 community partners throughout BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

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Scale Collaborative

LifeLearners is supported by a partnership with Scale Collaborative. Working alongside non-profit leaders and social change organizations Scale Collaborative works for the betterment of your life, communities, the world. Through partnership with Scale Collaborative, non-profit organizations can scale operations, increase impact and financial sustainability.

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Generation Squeeze

Gen Squeeze is a voice for young Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s in politics, the market, and with cutting edge research.

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Certn is the new standard in risk management solutions for credit issuers, landlords and property management firms.

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