Ready to Rent BC

LifeLearners is a social enterprise of Ready to Rent BC – an impact organization whose purpose is to provide education and support to tenants and landlords with the goal of creating successful tenancies because successful tenancies are key to housing stability, prevention of homelessness and strong communities. Ready to Rent BC, the majority shareholder, is an enterprising non-profit with over 125 community partners delivering Ready to Rent’s RentSmart tenant certificate course in person within BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

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Scale Collaborative

LifeLearners is supported by a partnership with Scale Collaborative. Working alongside non-profit leaders and social change organizations Scale Collaborative works for the betterment of your life, communities, the world. Through partnership with Scale Collaborative, non-profit organizations can scale operations, increase impact and financial sustainability.

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Generation Squeeze

Generation Squeeze works to ease the squeeze on Canadians in their forties and younger by influencing policy, providing member benefits, and helping individuals adapt.

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Certn is the new standard in risk management solutions for credit issuers, landlords and property management firms.

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