This is how we do it

(did you sing that?)

LifeLearners provides a cost-effective, community-grounded approach in the development of online courses and digital tools that meet the needs of diverse populations.

Problems we solve

Online course development can be expensive to create, boring to take and difficult to maintain. However, it is increasingly necessary to meet people where they are within their busy lives. That’s where we come in.

How do we solve these problems? Each course or tool we help create becomes part of the commons. The commons shares the costs across many, and we are able to continually add to and update our courses based on the volume of use and feedback.

We work with content and curriculum that has been designed and tested within our community. This grounds our content on proven material, designed for diverse groups.

Also, by holding our courses centrally, when an update is needed all the courses can be updated at the same time ensuring the education remains current and relevant.

Here’s an example…

RentSmart BC has been developed as an online course. Groups in Ontario also want a tenant education course. We adapt RentSmart BC to become RentSmart Ontario. The content and activities already exist and only require small changes to fit a new context. Ontario gets a far less expensive course and BC’s existing version receives some great updates (e.g. course videos now have subtitles to meet Ontario learning standards)

Later, a post-secondary institution wants a housing orientation course for their students. Once again, we can pull the activities and content from the existing courses, and adapt sections specific to meet their needs. The cost is lower for the post-secondary institution and their students benefit from all the previous work done.

The school agrees that any new content created becomes part of the commons. More activities and content can again be drawn upon. This helps the next school who is wanting to prepare young people for housing. The bank of activities and content grows, and we keep costs down while ensuring best of class course-ware. 

We encourage you to explore third party quotes. Most likely, you’ll receive estimates between $25- $150K to develop a course. You’ll need to consider staff time, hosting costs, annual content updates and technical support.

LifeLearners course development costs between $6,500- $25,000. That is the power of the commons. We also take care of annual fees for course hosting and updates so you can focus on what you do best.

Yes! You also get your own impact data and reports about how your learners are doing.

There is some information that is yours… for example, housing or employment policies that are specific to your organization. However, if you want an activity that say, helps people understand why payday loans are bad for them, that becomes part of the commons.

No. They are fantastic. 

Online education and tools are often not developed with diverse learning needs in mind. Our roots are in education for people who come from diverse backgrounds with diverse learning needs. We continually strive for and create online education that is personal, engaging, impactful and speaks to diverse life experiences.

We also know the importance of education connected to supports, especially in lifeksills. That is why we offer the courses for everyone, but primarily through community organizations and institutions that are in regular contact with the learners.

We have already built significant content on lifeskills that includes:

  • Goal and priories’ setting
  • Housing readiness
  • Housing rights and responsibilities for BC, Alberta and Ontario
  • Applying for housing
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cleaning and home care
  • Fire safety
  • Employment readiness

However, we are ready to create more! Get in touch.