eLearning Development

LifeLearners provides a highly cost-effective, community grounded approach to providing online courses and digital tools that meet the needs of diverse populations.

Online course development can be expensive to create, boring to take and difficult to maintain. However, increasingly, online is necessary in order to meet people where they are at and within their busy lives. We can help.

Each course or tool we help create becomes part of the commons. The commons shares the costs across many, and we are able to continually add to and update based on volume of use and user feedback.

Here’s an example…. RentSmart BC has been developed as an online course. Groups in Ontario also want a tenant education course. We adapted RentSmart BC to become RentSmart Ontario. The content and activities already exist and need adaptation to fit a new context- new activities and content are added. The course is adapted and improved upon.

Then a university wants a housing orientation course for their students. Instead of starting from scratch and developing something brand new, we can pull the activities and content from previous courses, and adapt sections specific to meet their needs. The cost is lower and UVic and their students benefit from all the previous work done. UVic agrees that any new content created becomes part of the commons… more activities and content to draw upon. This helps the Victoria School District who is wanting to prepare young people for housing and so on… the bank of activities and content grows, and we keep costs down while always building on what works. Makes sense?

We work with content and curriculum that has been designed and tested already in community. This grounds the online information and experience in already tested content, designed for diverse groups.

And finally, by holding all these courses centrally, whenever there is an update required, all the courses can be updated at the same time, ensuring that the education remains current and relevant.

How do we do this?

  • We ask that all online content be developed under a Creative Commons licence. This means that the general content and experience can be shared rather than proprietary
  • Development costs can then be shared by many, rather than individually. Customers pay for adaptations and addition of new content, but benefit from the already existing content and activity bank