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LifeLearners offers interactive courses based on adult education principles and designed around the specific life skills you need to help you succeed in life.

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Want to actually find a suitable home in today’s rental market? RentSmart is your guide to get ahead.  You will understand what you really need and want in a home. What are the costs to factor in your budget.  Learn tricks and tips so you can live where you want to live. and how to keep a good relationship with your landlord after you’ve found a great place!

Want to increase your chances of landing your dream job? JobSmart is your inside track to building key life-skills that employers are looking for.  You’ll identify and prioritize your best fit for employment.  Learn tricks to applying for a job and tips to help land your job.  Get up to speed on rights, relationship and responsibilities in the employment world.

Want to feel set yourself up for financial stability? MoneySmart is like having your own personal financial advisor.  Learn the value and cost of different credit. Create a budget that actually works for your lifestyle.  With your own needs and wants, learn how to have money for both the necessities and your dreams.  Take control of your financial life.